Time Up Notion Template (180+ Copies Sold)

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The Time Up Notion Template makes sure that you never use an expired product ever again!

👎 Almost every product you use has an expiry date.

⚡ The use of expired products can be harmful and dangerous.

🎉 Time Up Notion template solves this problem and many others quite easily!


Over 180 Copies Sold so far. (Thanks for the love)

Prices are going to increase soon so get your copy at the earliest. :)


With this Notion Template, You can Track & Control:

✅ Products

✅ Services

✅ Events

✅ Subscriptions

✅ Almost Everything

You can use this template to track any date and its associated product or event, like treat it as a subscription tracker, assignment tracker, Birthday tracker, etc. You do NOT need a paid Notion plan to use the Time Up Notion Template. Unlike other Products, this template does not expire!


The Time Up Notion Template features the following 12 categories:

🍾 Food Products

💊 Medicines

💄 Beauty Products & Cosmetics

📺 Media & Entertainment Subscriptions

🧴 Daily Needs & Household Products

🎁 Birthdays & Anniversaries

🔑 Important Dates

💳 Bills & Taxes

🏫 School / College

🏢 Work

🤑 Payments Collection

📙 Everything Else


Receive Timely Reminders when a product expires via Email, Web and Mobile App Notifications and save yourself from harmful after-effects of the use of an expired product!


Gain the Status of all your Products:

✅ Safe 

⏩ Expiring Soon 

⭕ Expiring Today 

🔴 Expired


For any queries, Kindly DM me on Twitter @Pranav824

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You will get a PDF with the Link to the Time Up Notion Template and other necessary instructions.

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Time Up Notion Template (180+ Copies Sold)

0 ratings
I want this!